Let’s Visit Granddad

My grandchildren visit my husband who has Alzheimer’s Lewybody.  To make it more comfortable for them, we all plan to entertain grandad.  One day my granddaughter did a tap dance routine, then my grandson choose to demonstrate Tai Kwan Do and talk about his black belt.  Another time all of the grandchildren came and decorated their Easter eggs in the activity room so he could watch.  Many pictures were taken during these visits and there was lots of laughter.

On Memorial Day, we “invented” a 500 mile race.  We bought 4 tiny pull back cars in different colors. We made a very simple track with strips of plastic framing material that we then taped to the table so the cars couldn’t fall off. We decorated the track with little flags and added a stop ramp at the end.  All of the residents in the memory support unit took a turn while others watched and wondered which car would win!  Granddad enjoyed it all and most importantly his grandchildren felt needed.

I hope you’ll find that this game can be used over and over.

Touched by JOY

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