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“Put Your Affairs in Order” 

Caring for a parent, a spouse, or child with special needs can be a strenuous journey that affects the whole family.

Caregiving Expert and Author, Joy Gollive

Are you a baby boomer who will soon need to care for a parent? Perhaps you are the parent of a child with special needs? Maybe the spouse of someone injured on the job. You may have months or years toplan for this care, or no time at all. The need might be temporary, long term, or even terminal.

Life is like a roller coaster ride, with many ups and downs. Our life can become challenging in a second. Whether we are thrust into the role of caregiver for a temporary injury or for a long-term illness, we must make room in our lives for added responsibility, time and energy.

Start compiling the resources you need now to remove some of the challenges you must face later. In this class you will receive the File of Life to fill out for your refrigerator. A form so you can begin to collect information you will need in an emergency. And an audio class by Joy Golliver, Founder of Touched by Joy.

Information you will gather in this class includes:

  • Personal information
  • Health information
  • Funeral information
  • Financial matters
  • Pet ownership
  • Property

Joy Golliver will highlight key questions you should be asking yourself, so that you have essential information at your fingertips at all times. Becoming a caregiver is no light task, as Joy Golliver knows firsthand, but with the proper preparation, you can ease the difficult path you must travel.

Begin developing your resource plan now!

This is a don’t-miss FREE opportunity to begin putting all the information you need into one place – whether for an emergency with a family member or for yourself.

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