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This class contains three parts:


1. An audio by Joy Golliver that you can listen to immediately or download to your computer and listen to it at a later time.


2. “The File of Life”. This file can be saved to your computer, printed and then filled out by you. This is a great file to put on your refrigerator in case of an emergency and someone needs immediate access to you health and medical information.


3. A sample of the “Empowerment Toolkit”. This file can be saved to your computer, filled out by you and kept in a safe place. The information on this document will include:


    • Personal information
    • Health information
    • Funeral information
    • Financial matters
    • Pet ownership
    • Property

Click on the icon or title of this class below to download this mp3 audio version of this class.



Put Your Affairs in Order. – Audio Download (Save File once the dialogue box comes up or RIGHT-Click to Save to your computer.)

 Need a free audio player? Download iTunes here.




The File of Life – pdf file download (RIGHT-click to Save to your computer)






Sample of the Empowerment Toolkitpdf file download (RIGHT-click to Save to your computer)





Need a free pdf file reader? Download Adobe Reader HERE

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