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"What's the Secret of a Healthy Caregiver?

They Have a Plan B"

"There are only four kinds of people in the world - those who have been caregivers, those who are currently caregivers, those who will be caregivers, and those who will need caregivers."    Rosalynn Carter

Plan B is something everyone needs and no one has. It covers your business, your family and your health. It's like the insurance you have on your car, your house and your life. Why don't you have something for the inevitable, care for your parents as they age or your family in a crisis?

Your Plan B is Assurance that you will have the confidence, freedom and ability... just in case.

  • What will you do when you get the call that you mother needs help right now?  
  • The call at midnight that your father has fallen and broken his hip?  
  • That your husband needs a hip or knee replacement?
  • Can you afford to help them?
  • Can you run your business or your career and take on the role of caregiver? 
  • Can you keep yourself healthy while caring for a loved one?          

Everyone has insurance "just in case" the house catches fire, a storm floods the basement, you have an automobile accident, you are disabled and can't work, or a life insurance policy to cover your family in case of death.

Now is the time to insure the inevitable, the caring of your ill parents or family members. 

Why do I care?  

Because over the years I needed to stop what I was doing and take care of a family member.  Sometimes the situations were temporary or short term.  Some required a month or more.  The biggest challenge was terminal.  Twice I was the patient. And twice I had to close my business in order to be with my husband.  Over the years I wished that I had a Plan B in place, to take on the job I never wanted.  When I got to the greatest challenge in my life, Bob’s Alzheimer’s, I did just that. I created a new way of planning for the inevitable and a new way of keeping myself healthy while taking on the role of an Involuntary Caregiver.  My new goal for my life?  To help women and men, 40 to 60, be prepared in advance for the role of caregiver with a strong Plan B.

We all spend time keeping ourselves healthy through exercise and diet, yet we spend no time at all preparing to keep ourselves healthy when we need to care for a loved one.  Caring for another can be like struggling to climb the world’s biggest mountain.  How can you stay healthy on a journey like that? What I learned is: 

”If you want to climb Mount Everest, you don’t stand at the foot of the mountain unprepared.” 

For you to succeed in your life or in a crisis, it is important to be prepared in advance for your business, your career, your life, or even the possibility of having to put everything on hold while you become a care partner.  There is a Secret to being prepared and I want you to know that Secret before you need it. The Secret?  Have a Plan B in place.

Are you caring for a loved one or family member?

When Bob retired he started traveling with me in my business, a business I loved.  We were having an active life, full of fun.  Then the biggest challenge of our lives,   Alzheimer’s.  After three years I had to close my business and for the next 7 I was his full time care partner.  
        Could this be your parents?  Could this be your spouse? Are you prepared? It’s hard when we see our parents declining.  It is hard to believe they are getting older.  Often we try not to notice the signs of slowing down, or forgetfulness.

        Are you in denial?  Are you prepared? No one lives forever. Accidents of all kinds occur.  In two automobile accidents I was the patient.  As a small business owner I had to put my life on hold for months while the business suffered.

        Do you have a plan if you are the patient?  A team to take over your business? My daughter had a dear friend 39 who developed terminal lung cancer. He lived just one year while she cared for him. He had never smoked and ran 10 miles a day rain, sleet, or snow. Could this be you?  Your spouse?  Your friend? What if your child, heaven forbid, has a serious illness that is life threatening.
        Are you prepared for the unexpected?  Could you  take time off from your job?  You discover that your parents or your spouse, or a friend are terminally ill. Do you know where to find information both medically and financially?  Do you have the information that will be needed for the doctors, lawyers, and financial advisors?

Ready to Put Your Plan B in Place?

Open the doors of a new Virtual Classroom and learn the Secret to Staying Healthy.

10 Fun, Easy, Informative Lessons available anytime, on your schedule.  

  1. Lessons in Self Love and Self Care
  2. How to Improve Your Relationships
  3. Take a Time Out in the Silence
  4. Change Your Thinking – Change your Life
  5. Build a Circle of Support
  6. Become a Strong Advocate and Decision Maker
  7. Caregiving 101 the Basics
  8. Live  in the Moment
  9. Be Prepared to Die

With your Plan B in Place you are ready for anything!

Audio Life Lessons from Joy Golliver, Founder of Touched By Joy

10 audio sessions available when you are free to listen
    Lessons on self love, relationships, journaling, positive thinking, support team, decision making, care giving basics, and much more.
    Access to Joy’s personal email for any questions you might have

Empowerment Toolkit

No need to go to the Internet for extensive research.  Why waste precious time?  When you create your Personal Resource Notebook everything you need is at your fingertips.  Immediately find what you are looking for.  You even have tabs where you stored useful websites and videos.

Action Steps

The action steps and the answers that you personally recorded are always available for review.  Continue to use action steps that you choose to make a habit.  Use the assignments that continue to improve your relationships. 

Book Reviews

As you read the book reviews you purchased some and saved others.  Book suggestions are right where you need them when a new situation comes along.  Perhaps you need to step into the role of full time caregiver.  Help is right there in your notebook.


Your parent has just gone into the hospital.  You don’t know what the outcome will be but you are glad that you Put Their Affairs in Order while working on your own.  As you take that packet with you to the hospital you realize just how valuable it is.

After an emergency run to the hospital for your child or spouse, you are assigned a hospitalist.  They do not contact your private doctor.   That lesson on how to be a strong advocate and decision maker is really paying off.  You know just how to stand up for yourself and demand straight answers.

You are spending days and nights in the hospital.  Thank God you know how to remain stress free and can take time to record your thoughts in your Journal.

When you found out how important it is to repair family relationships before a crisis, you used the tools to start positive communications.  Relationships are improving and forgiveness is becoming easier.

The Notebook you created while taking Secret of a Healthy Caregiver? They Have a Plan B, is invaluable to you.  Not only do you have a complete notebook of resources, you convinced your parents to fill out the questionnaires.  It has given you a sense of confidence that you will be ready for whatever happens.

When you stepped in to care for your mother almost full time, you reviewed Caregiver 101 and the book reviews from class. Support was easy to find and review.

You know the value of keeping yourself healthy at all times of your life.  Personal health while caring for a loved one is now top priority for you.  You are able to ask for what you want and take a timeout without guilt.  

You know and practice the quote on your mirror:

"You Are the Most Important Person in the Caring Situation"

Thank You for Your Guidance

“I have had the fortunate opportunity to know Joy!  She walks the talk of living connectivity to the Divine Plan.  Her energy, enthusiasm for possibilities, and her positivity are invigorating and contagious!”  Thank you for the guidance and direction on staying healthy while caring for a loved one.

It's So Difficult to be a CareGiver

I believe too many people underestimate how difficult it is as a caregiver. There are many challenges to face.  We need to appreciate ourselves and reward ourselves in taking on the role.
 S L Moore

Thank You for Sharing

…thank you for sharing your experience. I will remember it and keep it in my toolbox for future situations.  “
Vicki Lockwood

You've Got to Be Prepared!

Don’t let another day go by without being prepared for the inevitable.  Unfortunately bad things do happen to good people. I know you see it or hear about it everyday.  Maybe a girlfriend has started caring for her mother.  A male buddy is caring for his wife following knee replacement surgery.  Your neighbors had an auto accident, no one was seriously hurt, but it will take time, maybe months.  

Statistics show that at any given time 43.5 million people are providing unpaid care  to a child, spouse, parent, or friend.

  • The average caregiver is a 50 year old female taking care of a 77 year old woman, usually her mother.   
  • Eight five to ninety is the fastest growing population in the US.
  • Seventy eight is the current life expectancy.   
  • 10 million adult children are caring for their parents.  Will you be one of them?
  • 75% of caregivers are also employed. How to you add anything to your already overwhelming schedule?  
  • That is why I urge you to join us in this program today.  Together we are going to explore how to have a Plan B in Place – just in case.  It is so important to me that you accept our offer, that for a limited time only you will receive a major discount.  

Our introductory price for Secret of a Healthy Caregiver – Plan B is just $297.00.  However, for a limited time only, we will slash $100 off and offer it to you for just $197.00!!!  I know how important being prepared in advance is to you.  How valuable it will be. Don’t miss out on this very special offer. Sign up now.

Pack that back pack and be prepared to “climb the mountain.” 

100% Money Back Guarantee if Not Completely Satisfied by the End of the Fourth Session! No Questions Asked!

You are also protected!

guaranteeimageWe're confident that you will be excited to have taken Secret of a Healthy Caregiver? They Have a Plan B in our Virtual Classroom. We also know that if you follow the action steps and do the work, you will have a life-transforming experience.  After the ten classes you will feel secure and empowered with your personal plan in place. Just to back that up, we'll give you until the end of the third session to learn from the assignments and to REALLY decide if it's for you... in your heart. If you decide it's not for you... just let us know before the start of your third class and get a full refund of your course tuition. No reason needed.

I've been there, too...

Take it from me, someone who has lived it.  When the unexpected happens, and it will, it is scary.  There is so much to do, so much to learn, and no time to learn it.  No time to squeeze another thing into your busy schedule.  I know how that feels and I don’t want you to go through it.   Everything that I share with you has been lived by me.  As a stay at home mother with kids 1, 2, and 4, I had an automobile accident 3000 miles from home.  As a brand new business owner I felt the pain of my husband’s heart attack and bypass surgery.  I watched while my daughter put her life on hold for her friend with cancer until he died a year later. Two years later I had breast cancer and my husband and sister were my care partners during recovery.  Two of my businesses closed because of illness.  Fortunately I was not the primary bread winner.  In 2001 the biggest challenge of my life began with Bob’s Alzheimer’s and ended with his death.  And in 2012, some health issues and another auto accident slowed me down. As Oprah might say, “I know for sure that you need to have a Plan B in Place” and  “I know for sure that I have the experience to help you”.  I lived each and every tip, tool, and resource.

Order Now!

When you make your purchase you will immediately be sent to a private membership page where you will be given instructions to log in and start Secret #1. Each Secret will be chock-full of information to read, listen to and save for future reference. You will always be able to return to each of the Secrets time and time again.

P.S. Take the offer, you will not regret it.  It is a gift you give yourself because you deserve it.