Here are your bonuses from Joy Golliver and Touched by Joy.  Just right-click on each of the links below and download the pdf files. You can save the file to your own hard drive, open it in any pdf file reader, and read it at your convenience. Clicking on the video link will send you to a private page on where you can watch her Insider’s Secrets Video, “How to Put a Plan in Place.”

File of Life   A quick and easy emergency tool for easy access during any life emergency.
Three C’s for a Successful Marriage  Read this letter to Joy’s granddaughter to read on the eve of her wedding about how to succeed in this special union.
Second Half of Life   Tips, tools, and resources from a collection of experts.
Self Care for Caregivers: 30 Tips to Make Your Life Easier.   An essential tool for caring for a parent, spouse, or child!
 Insider Secrets Video: How to Put a Plan in Place.  Learn Joy’s insider secrets and put your Plan B in place!

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